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Noah Ellman

Software Engineer
San Francisco Bay Area

Available for hire and for web development consulting gigs.


Noah Ellman
Software Engineer

Address: Berkeley, CA
Tel: (480) 236 – 8117
my name (no dots) at g mail



I have 8+ years of full-stack web development experience (LAMP, PHP/JavaScript/MySQL). I have written code used by millions of people. I am looking for a software engineering position (back-end or front-end) in a small, yet ambitious company or startup where I can combine my strong technical skills, innovative ideas, and passion for my work, to contribute to the development of successful next-generation technologies and services.  An ideal position would allow me to expand to knowledge into new technologies and languages.



JavaScript (8 years) , PHP (8 years), SQL / MySQL (8 years), LAMP, Node.js, ES6, jQuery, React, Responsive design - CSS3 / HTML5, Bootstrap / SASS, MVC, OOP, Agile development, Typescript, big data, Java/Android, NoSQL (memcached, MongoDB, Redis), search engines, Sphinx,  RESTful API’s, WebSocket, Linux, Apache, UML, Laravel / Symphony / Zend, Amazon AWS, SEO, DevOps, and more…


Software Engineer
Self-Employed Freelancer
2014 – Present
Berkeley, CA

- Worked on various web development projects for new and former clients in my network.

- Designed and developed a JavaScript framework (like jQuery), but implemented using real prototype inheritance instead of “dollar sign” function wrappers. Benchmarks showed significant performance improvements over jQuery and other JavaScript frameworks. Built the framework and its website from scratch and tried to promote it.

- Currently pursuing by Bachelor’s Degree (BA) in Internet and Web Development at Arizona State University

- Stayed up to date on latest web technologies through personal projects and coding meetups and seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area.


MediaNet Group, Inc.  (
Senior Developer, Full-stack
2011 – 2013
Boca Raton, Florida

My duties included programming, database architecture (DBA), software design, and Linux server administration. As one of the company’s senior engineers, I made important technical decisions and oversaw a small team.  I designed and programmed a distributed automated backend system (PHP/C++/Bash) that harvested, analyzed, and updated a MySQL database with many millions of records and implemented a search engine for it using Sphinx.


iDV8 Inc.  (
Lead Developer, Full-stack
2007 – 2011
Scottsdale, AZ (archive) was a free music search engine and social media community of 5 million members and 16 million page hits a month.  I was responsible for programming the entire backend (PHP, JavaScript, MySQL). I optimized code, SQL queries, and the Linux servers for maximum performance, scalability, and 99.9% uptime.  I researched and implemented solutions, such as database replication and memcached, that allowed to scale up and grow organically while keeping costs down. 

- Developed and launched the 2nd most popular (in 2011) mobile music application (app) on the Google Android phone using Java and PHP.  Because I had little prior experience with Java or the Android SDK, this project’s success depended upon my ability to teach myself new skills quickly.

- Engineered, in PHP and MySQL, the web crawler, indexing engine, and search engine that made the most comprehensive music search engine on the web in (in 2011), with more songs and better search results than Project Playlist and AOL’s site.


CyberActive Marketing, LLC.
PHP Developer, Consultant
November 2008
Scottsdale, AZ

- “[Noah] implemented a [PHP] framework and debugging environment that revolutionized [our] development allowing developers to not only become more efficient, but also led to a drastic change in coding style that has improved productivity by over 50%.”  - Chris Ormiston, owner of Cyberactive Marketing and former senior engineer at Intel Corporation


Mission E-Commerce
Web Developer
Scottsdale, AZ

- Being the most experienced PHP developer at the firm, I ensured a successful launch of at least a dozen different websites built with PHP, JavaScript, and a MySQL database.

- My success at this position led to my appointment at The owner of Mission E-Commerce described me as “one of the best programmers I’ve ever hired.”


EI Skills Group, Inc
Web Developer
New Canaan, CT

- Developed from the ground up a versatile test-taking engine fed by XML. Built with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.



Associates Degree of Arts (AA)
Landmark College
Putney, VT